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Many investors and iBuyers have one or two strategies, which limits how well they can help you. We have several strategies to help people in many different situations. Call us today to discuss which strategy is best for you.


This is best if you need to sell fast and have a lot of equity. With a straight cash offer you get paid fast, and walk away from the house free and clear.

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Sometimes we can't give you as much as you want to make, or your house doesn't fit our criteria. However we work with hundreds of investors all over the state, so we can help you find and investor that will buy your house.

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This strategy is great for those with little equity, or those who can wait a few months in order to make more money on their house. In this strategy, we take over your loan payments, and if you have enough equity, you can walk away with cash right away, or get more cash when we sell your house after repairing it.

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This is great for landlords who want the monthly income without the hassle of managing the property. With owner financing you can receive monthly payments for your house, so you make the agreed upon offer plus interest. The term can be 6 months to 30 years, based on your needs.



If you are confident the value of your house is going to go up and you can wait for your money, this is the strategy for you. With equity partnering, we repair your house and list it. When the house sells, we share the profits with you.

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