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The Process Is Simple


The process is very simple, and can be done very quickly.

First we will talk to you about your house and any needed repairs or updates. This is a phone call that will take between 15 and 30 minutes. From this phone call we will get a good understanding of what it will cost to repair the house. Because we do so many repairs, the cost to us will be less than the cost to you.

If necessary, we will then schedule a time to come walk through your house. Typically only one walk through is needed, but if there is a major problem, like a foundation, we will need to get an estimate on that. After the walk through we will be able to get a solid estimate of the cost of repairs.

We will give you an offer based on the value of houses in your neighborhood or area and the estimated cost of repairs. This is the full amount we will pay for your house. There will be no commissions, no closing costs, no service fees. We pay for all the costs, so the offer we give you is the amount you receive.

Once the contract is signed we work with our title company to get closing scheduled fast. Our record is 2 business days. ​After we both sign the closing paper work, the title company will release the money and you'll get paid fast.

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